About Us

Happiness and progress in the world are driven by not for profit organizations.  These include institutions of learning, places of worship, and organizations dedicated to improving lives of those in need.  These include institutions dedicated to health of humans, the welfare of animals, protection of the environment, and more.

All these institutions depend on the generosity of their supporters who volunteer their time and donors who make monetary contributions to fund their operations and projects.  Invariably, it is a daily struggle to balance funding needs and in times of economic turbulence, these invaluable not for profit institutions have to deal with financial challenges.

There are many supporters who may not have sufficient financial resources to make monetary contributions, BUT they are willing and able to make donations in kind, including services they provide pro-bono to benefit the institutions they support.

eBonoCom is a start up based in the United States with pilot projects in USA, Canada, Costa Rica, UK and India.  All these projects will be launched in first quarter of 2020 and exponential growth is envisaged by end of the first year.