Teamuporg believes charity begins at home. We get greatest satisfaction from contributing to social projects in our neighbourhood, where we immediately see the impact of project we support and and participate in. So we provide opportunities to support projects in ever widening circles - from our neighborhood to the entire world. We primnarily focus on education and health.

Teamuporg brings you an eco-system for the new science of customer engagement with two customer-facing services.

  • Opinio: a syndicated content curation, creation and distribution eco-system that challenger brands can ride on to fight established brands
  • E-squared: Turbocharges your loyalty program to deliver emotional gratification.

The Teamuporg Leadership Team brings decades of marketing mojo into play. We've carried out a wide spectrum of assignments.

  • Digital marketing for a photography institute
  • Country entry strategy for a global confectionery major
  • Online community management for a global super-fruit brand
  • Digital marketing for a conference on the internet of things
  • Digital platform for managing B2B meetings for large conferences
Not for Profit Institutions

We are recruiting -Sunday, January 5, 2020
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