eBonoCom believes charity begins at home. We get greatest satisfaction from contributing to social projects in our community, where we immediately see the impact of projects we support and are a part of. Making a financial contribution or donation is the easiest, BUT it is not engaging, and the multiplier effect is seldom experienced.

That is the gap that eBonoCom fills. We make a happy experience of “giving” and the good we do multiplies the impact. So, we provide opportunities to support projects in every neighborhood in the entire world that wants to participate in our programs. We primarily focus on education and health, which are always local with opportunities for local support that impacts our neighbors and friends.

Our model is very simple.  Everyone has something that is no longer required by the owner but is very likely to be of interest to some one in the same community.  We provide the opportunity to spread the word and make others in the vicinity aware of what is available.  When a buyer and seller are matched, payment is made to a designated institution that frequently both are members of, and the product is handed over.  Thus, the product owner donates the product to the institution, and the buyer pays for the product, so the institution receives the money, the product owner gets rid of something that is no longer required in that family, and the buyer got a good product at a good price, with the money going to support the community work by the institution they both are already members of.

This program is best suited for Educational Institutions, Places of Worship, Community Service Organizations and Home Owners’ Associations.

Not for Profit Institutions

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